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Canon Printer printer is not printing – Troubleshooting Guide

Canon is a hardware-based company that fabricates a wide assortment of items, including printing machines. Canon printers are one of the most popular brands of printers and are often viewed as the most dependable printer. They have excellent print quality and thus have an enormous clientele. Though it is exceptionally rare to have a problem with a Canon printer not printing, it sometimes may be the case.

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1 Why my Canon Print won’t print?

Is the Canon printer not working? not printing tone accurately, or the canon printer won’t print at all, or the printing may be inefficient. Follow all the troubleshooting tips mentioned below to solve your issues try to recognize the reason for the issue and fix the issues.

Why my Canon Print won’t print?

There could be many possible reasons behind Canon printer not printing errors like:

  1. Outdated drivers.
  2. Empty ink cartridge.
  3. Incorrect printer settings.
  4. Outdated firmware.
  5. Poor internet connection.
  6. Broken cables.

How to fix Canon printer not printing error?

  • Check the USB cable. Connecting the PC or laptop to the printer, if it’s a wireless printer check if the device is paired and properly connect with all necessary permissions. If the cable connection is not secured properly the data transmission will be affected.
  • Install the appropriate Drivers. The printers are accompanied by a CD or with links in the manual for the download and install of printer drivers. Use the CD or links to get the drivers that are up to date with the hardware you’re using.
  • Select the appropriate printer option. When choosing the print option in a pdf or word doc or whatever it may be, select the canon printer from the drop-down menu of printers available.
  • Check the paper tray. If the tray has no paper it cannot print the paper. Fill the tray with the required amount of sheets.
  • Check the roller or drum inside. If a piece of paper gets lodged in between the roller, it can render the roller unable to move. Thus hindering your ability to print paper.
  • Check the Ink. Inspect the ink tank or drum roll or cartridges or any sort of ink storing method used in your printer. If it looks like it has less than 50% ink fill it up to 95% capacity.

The printer still not printing? here is what to do?

Assuming the printer doesn’t react to printing directions from your PC or cell phone or you’re wondering why my canon printer is not working, there are some investigating steps to determine the issue. Resetting the printer power clears and resets the cache. 

  1. Press the power button to switch off the printer.
  2. Disconnect the printer. Unplug the USB and the power cable. If it’s a wireless printer, disconnect the Bluetooth connection and remove the power cable. Let the printer be for 15 mins.
  3. Reconnect the printer to the PC via USB or Bluetooth 
  4. Press the menu button on the printer. Go to reset-> SOFT RESET. Hold down the OK button until HARD RESET is shown. Click OK for soft reset and hold for 3 secs for a hard reset. Hard reset will delete your printing profile and macros you have saved. A soft reset deletes no such data.

Assuming the printer actually doesn’t work as expected, redo the above steps.

Other troubleshooting steps to follow 

Inaccurate Colors:

In case the colors that the printer prints are inaccurate or interrupted or are just missing from the print you may want to follow the steps below to try to fix the canon printer not printing in the smallest time possible. 

Update the firmware and drivers:

The principal choice in the rundown is to refresh the printer driver and firmware on your system. If the drivers are out of date or are corrupted they may be unable to print the colors correctly. Failure to refresh the driver might bring about the Canon printer not printing tones accurately. The drivers are available online from the canon website if you have misplaced the CD is small in size and does not take much disk space. The kind of printer you are using will decide what drivers you are supposed to install. Subsequent to downloading, you should introduce the drivers on your framework. 

Check the Ink Tank:

If the ink has run out, dried or the cartridge is blocked the printer cannot print that color. If the ink is less than 50%, refill the ink. Open the back of the printer by unhooking the latch, and gaining entry to the ink tank. Remove the lid from the tank and fill the colored ink into the section designated for that color. CHECK THE TANK before pouring ink, you don’t want to mix different inks in the tank. Then, at that point, you need to check the ink level in the container. It should be more than 95%. Take a quick test print to see if it works.

Check Settings:

The following arrangement is to ensure all composing choices are practical. Enable Colored printing. Go to the printer. Tap on the menu. Then go to configuration Options. Choose the printer options and click OK. From that point forward, a rundown, all things considered, will be shown. From the rundown, you need to pick print options. Click Colored printing by pressing ok and enable it if it is disabled. You want to ensure that the shading printing choices are turned on. Whenever this is done. Restart the printer. Switching off the light and turning on the printer will assist with taking care of the issue of the Canon printer not printing properly.

You should initially switch off the printer or turn off the power cord. After that, you should stand by a little and reboot the framework. In the wake of turning on the light, verify whether the mistake is still there, and afterward have a go at testing the item page. These are largely the steps required to solve the issue. Assuming that your printer won’t print in shading accurately, you should follow the means portrayed.

The printer requires other colors to print black:

If you’re printing a document that only has black text in it, but the other color cartridges are empty, most printers won’t print until you supplant the vacant ink container. A simple solution to this problem is to Choose the B & W or Grayscale option from the color schemes drop-down menu. A typical issue experienced by the greater part of individuals is that their Canon printer won’t print dark without color ink. Assuming the Canon printer won’t print dark without shading, or the Canon printer won’t print pdf, the most well-known reason is a metal cylinder that doesn’t remove dark ink on the paper when it is obstructed. You need to clean it thoroughly.

  1. Turn on the printer. Fill the paper tray with 6-7 sheets of paper.
  2. Go to the printer. To start the cleaning process, Select Setup -> print plate  and Export Tray 
  3. Utilise the D-pad to choose “Clear” -> OK
  4. Choose Y to affirm your decision -> OK
  5. Cleaning will start, and it requires a few minutes.
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