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Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages? Resolve the Issue

Epson printers are known for giving a great quality printing service. However, despite being one of the renowned brands, its printers are prone to receiving various issues. Epson printer printing blank pages is a problem that’s fairly common.

A blank page error in this printer occurs when the user starts to get blank pages as the output of their printing command. Generally, low ink levels are the leading cause of this problem. But there can also be various other causes. For troubleshooting this error, you need to find the specific cause. In this article, you’ll find various ways to fix this problem effectively.


Why is My Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Your Epson printer can print blank pages due to various factors. The points below will help you find what results in your printer printing blank pages. Check the following.

  • Firstly, see whether the printer is placed on a well-balanced and stable surface. If it’s not kept on such a surface, keep it there.
  • Inspect the ink cartridge’s ink levels. Refill it if you find that the ink levels are less than usual.
  • Open the slot of the ink cartridge to see if there’s yellow tape on it. If you find it, take it away.
  • See whether the paper you are utilizing is compatible with your printing device.
  • Check whether there are any clogged nozzles in your Epson printer. Do a print nozzle check pattern command. You can clean the printer’s print head to resolve this problem.
  • Make sure that you are choosing a paper with the correct size for format settings and direction in your printer before you print.
  • See that your document isn’t blank before you print it. For it, use the ‘Print Preview’ option. If you find that it’s a blank document, remove it from the printing queue.

After checking the points mentioned above, you’ll be able to get an answer to why my Epson printer is printing blank pages.


What to Do When You Find Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Now that you know the reasons for this issue, you can go about fixing it. Follow the different techniques explained in the sections below.


Inspect the ink cartridges

Checking the ink cartridges is the first step to resolving the blank page output problem in the Epson printer. There are three situations in inspecting the ink cartridges.

  • The first condition is that the ink levels are low. In this case, you must replace the cartridge.
  • The second condition is that in which one of the ink cartridges has no ink. Many people overlook a critical sentence in the Epson printer manual that they receive. It is written clearly that users cannot print or copy if a single ink cartridge is extended. They cannot print even if the other cartridges are not expended. So, if you notice that one of the cartridges is expended, replace it with a new cartridge. Otherwise, the printer will print blank pages.
  • The third condition is one in which you have replaced a cartridge, but you have not removed the protective tape. Protective tapes stop the inks from leaking. It also safeguards the print nozzles of sensitive cartridges. Carefully remove the protective tape. But do not remove the additional transparent plastic mechanism. Otherwise, the cartridge will malfunction.


Clean the clogged nozzles

Many people leave their Epson printer unused for a very long time. They overlook the low ink warning that may flash and keep using the printer. In such cases, the nozzles clog, and you will find that your printer prints blank pages. There’s an in-built feature in Epson printers to wipe nozzles in one or two cycles. Utilize this function to fix your problem. But before you begin, check that the LCD screen of the Epson printer isn’t flashing any errors. After checking it, follow the points below.

  • Hit the ‘Home‘ button on your printer. Then choose ‘Setup.’
  • After that, go to ‘Maintenances‘ and choose ‘Printhead Nozzle Check.’
  • The printer will commence checking and produce a page. It will have four colored grids, which will help you find out the nozzles that are blocked.
  • If you find any gaps or some faint lines, choose the option ‘Clean the printhead.’ Remember to not switch off your printer while it is performing a cleaning cycle. You do so, your printer will get damaged.

If your Epson printer is new and under warranty, you can also contact Epson for further guidance. They will resolve your problem. But if the printer is not under warranty, wipe the nozzle manually.


Update your printer firmware

An UN-updated firmware version can also be the reason why your Epson printer keeps printing blank pages. When the firmware is updated with the current version, it automatically starts to function efficiently. Suppose you have the Epson software updater utility on your Windows computer. In that case, you can update the firmware by tapping on the ‘Start‘ menu and navigating to the option of ‘Epson Software Updater.

But if you don’t have the Epson Software Updater utility on your Windows computer, follow the steps below to update your printer’s firmware.

  • Head over to the support page of Epson’s website.
  • Download the utility.
  • Choose your printer’s model from the available printer models.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Checkbox‘ button for selecting your system updater.
  • Tap the ‘Install‘ option.
  • Adhere to the prompts you see on the screen of your computer to update the firmware.
  • When the update is finished, hit the ‘Finish‘ button.


Update your Epson printer driver

The drivers of every printer should work properly. If you have a faulty or un-updated printer driver, you will encounter printer problems. The same is true for Epson printer drivers. You can easily update your Epson printer driver manually. Just head over to the Epson support page.

Here, search for your printer. You’ll soon find drivers compatible with your windows operating system version. Download the compatible printer driver. After you’ve downloaded the right drivers for your Windows version, double-tap on the downloaded file. Now, adhere to the instructions you see on the screen for installing the driver.


Install and use Reimage tool

Corrupt system files are behind many Epson printer-related issues. To fix it, you can use a tool to repair and rebuild Windows. Reimage is a good that causes no harm to the PC and also doesn’t make you lose any personal data. Use it as follows.

  • Download the tool and install it.
  • Execute a free scan after opening the tool.
  • You’ll view a summary of issues that have been found on your PC.
  • Tap ‘START REPAIR.’ All your issues will get fixed. You can also buy the full version of the tool.
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